NBA annual general meeting (AGM) update

Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 2pm at the NBA centre to update NBA members with details of NBA activities and progress over the past 12 month.

Also the Management Committee decided to bring forward the Election to the summer of 2018 to avoid clashing with the Mosque election which is due in 2019. In 2016 the both elections were in the same year and many members of the community expressed disappointment that they could not get involved in the NBA election because they were busy with the Mosque election. However none of the management committee positions received more than one nomination, so there was no requirement for an election and the new Management Committee was introduced to the members at the AGM as follows:

• Habibur Rahman – Chairman
• Abdul Latif – Vice-chairman
• Faizul Raihan – Secretary
• Alal Miah – Treasurer
• Tahir Ali – Asst Secretary
• Abdul Hamid – Asst Treasurer
• Akik Miah – Committee member
• Dara Miah – Committee member
• Mour Ali – Committee member
• Imran Choudhury – Committee member
• Mohammed Ahmin – Committee member

The new management committee have listened to the members concerns and the services needed by the community and have agreed with help of the community that they will work hard to deliver the services and address the concerns and implement better communication channel to engage and inform the community of all the activities and services of NBA.