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History of Northampton Bangladeshi Association [NBA]

Bangladeshi’s have been living in Northampton since the 1960’s and in 1984 with hard work of lot of Bangladeshi people they established the Northampton Bangladeshi community centre from a small room in the local mosque at St. George’s street.

As the Bangladeshi population grew many were recognised as one of the most excluded in Northampton. It was identified as one most need and least likely to access key services.

In 2001 Northampton Bangladeshi Association [NBA] was formed in conjunction with Northamptonshire County council and other key service provider and plan was drawn up to identify and address some of the challenges facing the community.

In 2004 a strong management committee backed by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers had developed a set of services and partnerships that enabled the community to access and benefit and services from newly one stop shop in a purpose built venue at the Gateway centre in Mill road, Semilong.

The Mission

The charity’s objects (“the objects”) are to promote any charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Northampton in particular for the benefit of those inhabitants who are from Bangladesh or who are of Bangladeshi origin:

  • To advance education and training including education in the traditions and culture of Bangladesh:
  • To advance religion:
  • To promote equality and good relations between persons and organisations of different racial groups:
  • To relieve unemployment for the public benefit in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment:
  • To relieve persons in need, which may include women the elderly and young persons, by providing advice information and support on subjects including housing, health and recreational activities and to assist such persons in playing a full role in the community.

what NBA offers…

  • general charitable purposes
  • education / training
  • the advancement of health or saving of lives
  • disability
  • arts / culture / heritage / science
  • amateur sport
  • economic / community development / employment

Who is it for?……..

  • children / young people
  • elderly / old people
  • people with disabilities
  • people of a particular ethnic or racial origin



How do we provide?….

  • provides human resources
  • provides buildings / facilities / open space
  •  provides services
  • provides advocacy / advice / information