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History of Northampton Bangladeshi Association [NBA]

Bangladeshi residents have been established in Northampton since the 1960s. By 1984, through the dedicated efforts of numerous individuals within the Bangladeshi community, the Northampton Bangladeshi Community Centre was established. It originated in a modest space within the local mosque on St. George’s Street.

As the Bangladeshi population in Northampton expanded, a significant portion faced recognition as one of the most marginalized groups in the community. They were identified as having some of the most pressing needs and being least likely to access essential services.

In 2001, the Northampton Bangladeshi Association [NBA] was created in collaboration with the Northamptonshire County Council and other key service providers. A comprehensive plan was developed to recognize and address the challenges confronting the community.

By 2004, a robust management committee, supported by a committed group of staff and volunteers, had established a range of services and partnerships. These initiatives facilitated community access and benefits through a centralized one-stop shop, situated in a purpose-built venue at the Gateway Centre on Mill Road, Semilong.

The Mission

The primary objectives (“the objects”) of the charity encompass promoting charitable purposes for the overall well-being of the residents of Northampton, with a specific focus on those individuals originating from Bangladesh or of Bangladeshi descent. These objectives are delineated as follows:

  • To advance education and training, including fostering an understanding of the traditions and culture of Bangladesh.
  • To advance religion.
  • To foster equality and positive relations among individuals and organizations from diverse racial groups.
  • To alleviate unemployment for the public benefit, employing suitable measures such as providing assistance in securing employment.
  • To provide relief to individuals in need, including but not limited to women, the elderly, and young persons. This relief involves offering advice, information, and support in areas such as housing, health, and recreational activities, with the aim of enabling such individuals to play an active role in the community.

What does NBA offer?

  • Broad charitable objectives
  • Educational and training initiatives
  • Advancement of health and preservation of lives
  • Support for individuals with disabilities
  • Promotion of arts, culture, heritage, and science
  • promotion of amateur sports
  • Economic and community development, including employment initiatives


Who is it for?

  • Children and youth
  • Elderly individuals
  • People with disabilities
  • Individuals of a specific ethnic or racial background

How do we provide it? 

  • Supplies personnel resources
  • Offers structures, facilities, and open areas
  • Delivers services
  • Provides advocacy, advice, and information