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The NBA gateway resource centre is a charity registered organisation [reg. no 1088749] working for the communities of Northampton. The gateway centre is a welcoming platform for different communities to come together.

NBA is an organisation which understands and appreciates the need to empower all section of the communities. It exists to facilitate policies and local agenda on behalf of key statutory agencies by working very closely with Northampton borough council, Northamptonshire county council, Northamptonshire police and many other local and national organisations and training agencies to provide a professional access and services to the community.

NBA seeks to promote the general good of the community and it is committed to enable everyone to gain economic and social advantage to gain equal access, resources and services to the community. Also NBA exists to meet the social and cultural needs of the community adding to the vibrancy, diversity and dynamism of Northampton

NBA have won the best community award from Northampton borough council and 2008 it was awarded the best Bangladeshi community in the UK by Channel S [sky 814] and NBA has won many other awards since 2001